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About Us

A & Y Experts is a UAE based agency of marketing professionals with tremendous knowledge and expertise, having 10 years of experience in the fields of marketing consultancy and event planning.

Our experts have spent thousands of hours converting clients’ visions into reality by planning, organizing, and executing successful events.

Our Executors have experience working with a large number of renowned brands, both international and local, especially “the beauty brands.”

Our USP is boundless creativity and efficiency while providing a wide variety of services to our clients.


With seamless efforts of our market experts we convert your vision into reality we make your event a memorable experience.

We are offering a wide variety of services, from promotions and event management to design and production. Each of our services is specific to the needs of each client.

Staffing Solutions

Our core service is to provide you with the best possible staffing solution including temporary and permanent staff as per the requirements.

Beauty Events

Beauty Events Management encompasses orchestrating exhibitions and events for major beauty brands, primarily for launch events, trade events, and in-store promotions.

Corporate Events, Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Providing models, hostess to our clients for corporate events, tradeshows and exhibitions is also our core service area.

DED Approvals

We provide full-time promoters as well as temporary promoters. You don’t need to worry about DED approvals for promotions. Our team will handle this as well.

Retail Store Designing.

Our team has tremendous knowledge and expertise in designing retail stores, which is a mix of the right display and the right positioning of products. Our team is well aware of creating positive and engaging brand experience for the customers. Human-to-human interaction, as well as human-to-environment interaction, both play an integral part in the success of a brand’s outlet.

Social Media Promotion

We also handle social media promotions.

Our team will be there to assist you in doing the right type of promotion for your business.

Promotions are basically based on several factors, such as product type, target audience, and pricing strategies.

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    You are looking for a highly professional marketing consultancy and event planning agency.

    You are having trouble with Staffing needs for your company, and you want both temporary and permanent staffing solutions

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    You aim for Creativity, Efficiency and Flexibility according to the rapidly changing Market trends.

    You are looking for an agency with expertise in Designing of your Retail Stores.